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Connect. Measure. Engage.

Engage Innovation offers an online extension of your existing brand.
With free online games that lead to on-property rewards, as well as dedicated community managers, our platform will keep you connected to your players.

More time on and off the floor

With unique mobile and desktop experiences, players have more opportunities to stay engaged with your brand wherever they are.
Hey, I’d like to make a dinner reservation.
All right! I’d be glad to help you with that!
Will you be using your points?
Yes, I'll be redeeming my points for a free meal.
Okay! What venue would you like and what date?
BB King's, for two, next Saturday at 6PM.
All right! Table for two for Mrs. Tomlinson taken care of!
Is there anything else I can help you with today?
No thank you, that's all.
Well then, Bon Appetit!

Real-Time Concierge

Community managers are your players' online concierges, providing guests with real-time assistance for navigating the platform, redeeming points, making reservations and more.

Your Next Casino

Unique features catered to your needs
Personal Interaction

Personal Interaction

Community managers act as real-time, personal concierges, assisting customers with everything from reservations to tech support.
Customizable Interface

Customizable Interface

Make the platform unique to your brand by adding custom logos, colors, photos and videos throughout the site.


A wide range of games creates an experience that will cause players to return over and over again.
Full Integration

Full Integration

The platform integrates with your existing player loyalty system, eliminating the need to transfer or share player data.

Many More

Many More

Earning Player Loyalty Online